Let’s face it, real estate isn’t an easy industry to be in. It’s highly saturated and very competitive. On top of that, we have consumers who have more information at their disposal than ever before to help them make decisions. What do sellers want? What goals do they have in mind? They want more money for their house. They want it to sell quickly. They want a positive experience. They want the best agent to help them obtain these things.

If you treat all of your transactions as a one-time process, then unfortunately, you are on the wrong track. The growth of your business will be restricted because you are putting a limit on the relationships that you have painstakingly built with clients. If you want to close that one transaction and get five more as a result of it, then be an exceptional agent that sellers seek out. Be an agent who can get them more money for their house in the least amount of time. So how do you win at this game, make more money and enjoy the flexibility and freedom? Deliver what clients expect: True Value even after the deal is closed.

Oftentimes sellers conduct multiple interviews with agents before settling on an agent. These listing presentations are like job interviews, except they are tougher with more homework. Listing presentations are the moments in which agents get a chance to shine, to prove their worth and, hopefully, to win a listing. However, there is no such thing as a free lunch. To win more listings, agents have to distinguish themselves from their competition.

What follows are ten steps for creating winning real estate listing presentations:

Branding as an individual, team and brokerage level:

In real estate it is essential that you stand out and be committed to providing value to your customer or your career will be non-existent. Make an extra effort to actively brand yourself as a real estate selling specialist because this is precisely what you now are. It is important to take steps to become a specialist that is irreplaceable, both online and offline. Define your value propositions and promote yourself with those VPs. Do you remember what a VP is? It’s an attribute that is unique to you and will help you in differentiating yourself. Make sure you a have personal website on a domain, which can be your name, and list the properties you have sold or are in the process of selling. Engage your social circle to secure more meetings with potential clients. Having an online presence will one day turn into a brand which will be more attractive to customers.

No, You Can’t “Wing It‿ - Be Prepared for Presentation:

Congratulations, you have landed yourself a meeting with a home owner. In today’s digital era, sellers might have Googled you even before you had a chance to step into their house. It may prove useful to Google yourself and see what your potential clients might see. You have the opportunity to create a favorable persona online that is available for potential clients to view and consider. Your profiles should be up-to-date with the properties you are representing, customer reviews, contact information and above all, your value propositions. Marketing yourself online properly will help you to generate qualified leads and win more real estate listing presentations. You are a brand just like any of the brands out there.

As an agent, your value propositions should be present on all of your online profiles. This would include:

Broker website
Your own website
Listing websites
Your personality
Your persona
The competitive edge
Your social profiles: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.


You can show who you are, what you do, why customers should care about your business and what past clients had to say about you through your YouTube channel as well.

Be The Local Expert:

From the initial questions and answers with homeowners, you should have key pieces of information like their motive for selling, timelines, the condition of the house, finances and of course, the monetary goals they want to achieve through selling the house and perhaps some interesting information on the history and future developments in the neighborhood. Interviewing homeowners and observing their behavior can help you a lot in the later steps. Through this information, you will be able to assess the house history as well as create a complete CMA which you should share with homeowners. You should also pull out all the stops in providing them with important information on houses turned over in their neighborhood and for what price. This helps in positioning you as an expert when it comes to selling houses in a particular area.

Be Polite:

Landing a meeting with a referral, FSBO or an expired listing owner is only the first step in the process of winning a client. Once you have done that, the difficult part is building a rapport with the homeowners. Attract them with your charismatic brand personality. It’s crucial that agents thank the client for inviting them into their home for presentation and are well-mannered throughout the entire process which will help them to win the listing, but even if they don’t win the listing they should leave a lasting impression with the customer.

Be Different:

There are a lot of agents out there in the market. For consumers, it means choice overload because they can’t easily differentiate quality of services offered by one agent from another agent. Therefore, it’s crucial for agents to “show‿ their performance rather than talk about it during presentation which should be online and offline. Even if you don’t present, your personality should speak for itself.

I am a Designated Specialist in ____________. This is my niche area of focus.
I have sold ______ % more houses in _______ area than any other agent because I specialize in _________ (staging, real estate negotiations, selling, etc.)
I sell houses _______% faster than my competitors.
I sell houses at ______% more value than any other agent in the state/community.
Having testimonials or positive reviews from past customers really help.

Confidence and Enthusiasm


To sell you need to believe in yourself and your capabilities and push yourself to the limits, much like James Bond in sticky situations. Confident agents can impress clients and reassure them during the entire process from initial presentation, pricing home, describing it and selling it. If an agent is nervous around the client and unsure of how to proceed, why would they trust that agent to represent them in buying or selling their home? To win a customer over, you should be confident in your strengths and deliver them to customers during real estate listing presentations.

Come Prepared

Be prepared for the listing presentation. Going to a listing presentation thinking that you will just “wing it‿ isn’t a good idea. Practicing what you are going to say to the homeowners beforehand can help agents a lot in being more confident during listing presentation. During listing presentations, you will have to explain the entire process involved in selling the home and why you are the right representative to do that. Keep the history of the house as well as needs of homeowners in mind during the presentation. Brief home owners on how exactly you are going to sell their home and ensure that it would sell for a good price. Another thing agents can do is bring samples of marketing materials that they had created in the past to sell a customer’s home. This can include brochures, print ads, flyers, online advertisements as well as home tour videos.

Having a great listing presentation is crucial. Also be ready for common questions and objections from homeowners like:

  • How are you the best representative for us?
  • How will you sell our house at good price in a certain time frame
  • Which steps will be involved?
  • Why you?
  • Can’t you reduce the commission?
  • What support you can give us?

Deliver Great Marketing Plan

To sell anything, you need to know the buyers and how to reach out to them. In this case, that would be the potential buyers who would be interested in buying that particular house. Prepare a great marketing plan keeping your target audience in mind and explain it, both online and offline.

Direct marketing strategy can include:

  • Post Cards or Just listed lists
  • Brochures
  • Open Houses
  • Marketing in the neighborhood

Online marketing strategy can include:

  • Listing houses on websites
  • Promoting the home through social media channels
  • Running targeted PPC campaigns
  • Virtual Tour Videos of the house

Follow Up

There are so many agents who don’t follow up after a listing presentation with a client. A prompt follow up conveys to the customer how responsive you would be as their representative. Use the technology to follow-up with clients, through phone or email.

Build a Referral Network

Sales in any industry depends on the networking skills of agents. After you have delighted a customer through your selling skills, do stay in touch with them. Maybe drop them a “thank you‿ note after a sale and add them to your Facebook account. Keeping in touch with them gets you the chance at any new opportunities that might come up. You customers might want to buy a home now or their friends might be selling a home and you might get referred as an agent.

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