Recruitment and retention of agents are qualities considered to be the cornerstone of a good brokerage. The increase in competition in recent years has resulted in a more dynamic and innovative real estate industry. Brokerages have realized that signage is no longer as important as it was. Nowadays, clients are more interested in getting more value for their money.

This is one of the primary reasons many brokerages stop just short of making it big. A general lack of awareness in how to bring value to clients prevails in real estate industry. However, brokerages have somewhat evolved and adopted new techniques to make their real estate agents become better at their job; by using techniques like agent mentorship programmes, real estate agent certifications and specialized workshops. The following are top four methods brokerages have adopted to bring better services to their clients:

Marketing Collateral for Agents

Agents need to use market statistics as well as specially designed collateral to inform and educate their clients throughout the entire process of buying, selling or investing in real estate. However, they would need strong support in terms of marketing collateral which they can use in order to meet and exceed client expectations. A recently conducted survey revealed that almost 67% of clients have already made their decision in acquiring services from a company even before contacting them. Therefore, it is highly advisable for the company to have an internal marketing team or a hired external agency that takes care of content marketing in online and print form.

Specialized Trainings & Real Estate Designations

Brokerages which offer their agents training opportunities will have a more skilled agent workforce and consequently a happier client base. Different customers have different requirements and as the saying goes “jack of all trades is master of none‿. Brokerages should set up agent training programs through which they can earn real estate designations and acquire the knowledge required to be more successful.

Feedback Session for Agents

It is important to oversee how the agents are performing in the field. Having feedback sessions will allow the brokerage to understand the changing problems and help agents in overcoming them. Moreover, it will allow monitoring the progress of the real estate agents and implement training programs through real estate designations through which their performance can be enhanced. In return the agents can reciprocate the benefits and advantages of going through this process.

Mentorship program for Agents

Real estate agents often express a general lack of mentors in the real estate industry. In every brokerage there are seasoned veterans and then there are those who are climbing up the ladder and learning about the industry; for such new aspirants it is important to establish a mentorship programme through which they can benefit from experience and knowledge of veterans. A brokerage should initiate programs to make sure their agents benefit from the experience of veterans in the business. This is also an excellent method to retain agents for a long time. It also helps in increasing reach and bolstering loyalty with present contacts. These mentors should be available in person, but if not they should be reachable through real estate courses online as well.

The most valuable asset of any organization is its people. For any brokerage to grow and be more successful, attracting great talent and retaining it is of paramount importance. Brokerages need to do whatever they can to be able to help their agents continuously grow and help them exceed in their real estate careers. Brokerages who not only recognize this but also take action to implement this can thrive in good or bad market conditions. As such proper attention should be given towards growth of agents either through real estate designations, real estate agent certifications and mentorship programmes so in turn they can serve the clients in a better fashion to generate more business. Success for any brokerage relies on how solid its foundation is which is its agents.