What benefit do nurturing through emails have on real estate marketing? And how can real estate agents use email marketing to nurture leads? In the daily operations of running a real estate company, realtors have to interact with clients in numerous ways. While some of real estate sales come through friends and family members, and small talk, other leads come from internet marketing, email nurturing, and personal connections. So, how can email marketing for real estate agents help to nurture leads?

1. Answer Every Inquiry Promptly

The first step is to take every inquiry to heart. Every inquiry is an invitation to provide more information, and develop a one on one relationship with potential clients. Leads can be anyone that agents interact with, either directly or indirectly. When customers reach out to realtors, they are often responding to online advertising, a newspaper ad or an email. The majority of people asking questions is mostly curious, and want to know specific information; such as how does the real estate market work? Is this the best time to invest in a new home? Or is it wise to buy an investment property at the current interest rate? These are just a sample of the type of questions potential customers ask.


2. Follow Up

Through interacting with strangers, friends and family members, agents are in a unique position to woo their leads. Supplying them with the information they desire, leaves the door open to share important details and obtain names, addresses, emails, and telephone numbers. At some point, start sending out newsletters, brochures, and meeting invitations. Since most consumers spend the majority of their time searching for services and products online, it is the quickest way to stay in touch, and the most cost- effective. A personal telephone call every once in a while will help to build a trustworthy relationship.


Email marketing allows agents to influence their leads in their decision making process. Customers who want to buy or sell, usually needs a little push in the right direction. Sometimes, they have questions, or don’t understand a simple process of how contracts or quick sells work. This is the golden opportunity of a lifetime to offer some expert advice. The right answers, often yields the right response.


3. Never Ignore Indecisive Leads

Some leads need a little more convincing than others. Ignoring prospects who are not sure which direction they want to go, is a big mistake. Look at every prospect as being a future customer. All it takes is a little nurturing, a little effort so lots of patience. Slow responses do not necessarily mean that prospects are not considering doing business with a realtor. It could mean that they are not sure how to go about taking the first step. A weekly or monthly newsletter might provide some insight to prospective customers, and lead them in the right direction.


4. Create an Eye- Catching Email Subject Line

Whether an email gets opened and read or deleted, depends on the subject line and content. An interesting subject line, sparks curiosity, and curiosity often leads to an inquiry. Inquiries can and sometimes do lead to a prospect wanting to buy, sale or invest. Sometimes, adding a personal touch, like referring to the prospect by name, or including a personal email or cell phone number at the end of a message, can really grab a reader’s attention. Use bullet points when possible to highlight specific details, and focus mainly on the services and products that are being offered, and offer professional assistance, if applicable.


5. Sync Email Marketing with Popular Mobile Devices and Email Platforms

Most readers, especially internet users have a short attention span. With so much information on the internet to read, most consumers find it easier to skim over the information that is not relevant to what they are looking for. So, only include information that readers or prospective customers are actually searching for. Make the information available for a series of vehicles like mobile phone alerts, email drip marketing, and mail forwarding. Consumers like listening to experts in the field, this makes them feel like they are getting the best advice.



6. Combine Drip Marketing Strategy with Nurturing Leads for Greater Outcome

New prospects can be easily included in email drip marketing. Email drip marketing, also known as email marketing, runs on an auto responder that is designed to automatically send out emails on a regular preset schedule. This service allows real estate agents to send new, and updated listings or information to prospective clients on a regular basis.  In short, email drip marketing can increase sales, reach potential clients, and boost company sales, if the system is used in the right manner. When used with the lead nurturing process, drip marketing can become a powerful tool for real estate agents looking to find, captive or retain hot leads.


Effective real estate agent marketing ideas consist of using a variety of strategic email marketing concepts with the potential to reach thousands of leads per day. With the right email marketing campaign, agents can include property images, photos, and videos, and add a unique description of each property listed. It is amazing how effective a good marketing strategy can be. The possibilities are endless.

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