As a real estate agent, you always want to present your best skills to every lead. Your clients are looking to you to be an attentive, hardworking expert, but there are a lot of slip-ups that may frustrate your leads and clients- the most common of which are listed below. Avoid these mistakes and be the type of agent with whom you would want to work.

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Going on Vacation Without Having a Backup:

The buying or selling process is very stressful for your clients. What can add to their stress is not being able to get in touch with you and not having anyone else to contact. If you have to go out of town, plan ahead! Make sure someone is there to take care of your prospective clients while you are gone and inform them how to reach your backup.

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Taking a Long time to Respond to Lead and Client Inquiries:

Technology has spoiled us. We are no longer patient when it comes to hearing back from someone. Now most real estate leads actually expect to hear back from their real estate agent within 30 minutes or less. A slow response is one of the biggest reasons for dissatisfaction from a client. Don’t be the agent buyers and sellers are disappointed in. Make a thorough effort to follow up with all new leads and with all of your clients as efficiently as possible. A lack of communication is one of the leading reasons why clients are dissatisfied with agents.


Misrepresenting The State of Your Listings:

The most frustrating thing for a potential buyer is to discover when showing up that their agent has misrepresented the state of the property in their listing. For example, the carpet which is stated as “new” in the listing is clearly in desperate need of replacing and the “cozy” bedroom barely qualifies as a closet. It is not necessary that you point out each and every flaw of the house in your listing, but you should be honest about the condition of things.


Being too Aggressive:

It is very annoying for buyers to work with an agent who essentially tries to bully them through the home negotiations. It’s good to be able to stand your ground so you can go to bat for your clients, but being overly aggressive and unpleasant is not a reputation you would want to build.


5.5 On the Other Side, Being too Passive:

Your clients have hired you for your services. Your job is to help them get the best property which means you need to use your real estate proficiency and negotiation skills to help close a great deal. If you’re too passive, you could cost your client a heavy price, especially in an aggressive seller’s market. Make sure you work hard to maintain a balance between polite and firm.

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Setting Improper Expectations:

Some agents let their client set unrealistic expectations with selling their property or buying a new home; be honest with them. If you aren’t clear about what your clients can realistically expect during their real estate transaction, they are going to be dissatisfied – both with their experience and with you.


Making Assumptions:

One of the biggest complaints you will hear about agents is that they don’t listen well enough or that they don’t take feedback from their clients seriously. If your buyer tells you they absolutely don’t want to buy a property in a specific area no matter what – don’t schedule them for showing in that neighborhood because the properties are worth looking at. Make a strategic plan to better the real estate process for your clients.

Above all, make sure you keep open and straightforward communications with your leads and clients. Doing so will build the faith you need. Remember that you’re their helper and their guide in the industry. Follow the ideal rule: treat them the way you want to be treated.

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