In my career, I have been lucky to work with people at various stages of their success. I have seen their behaviours and actions, the choices they made and how they dealt with the consequences of those choices. There were some agents who just couldn’t get enough transactions and then there were some who were rolling in the dough.

After observing these agents over the time of many years, I noticed that successful agents almost always had ambitious goals and what truly differentiated them from other agents was their ability to take action, flawlessly execute the plan and a strong willpower that helped them persevere in the face of hardships, which in the real estate industry all agents have to face.

Here are the top characteristics of real estate agents who are likely to reach the peak of their profession.

1. They Deliver Value Through Knowledge

Certified Real Estate Agents are guides for buyers, sellers and investors. Their knowledge and experience are what makes them indispensable even in today’s digital era where real estate has been automated to a large extent. Successful real estate agents are persistent and up to date with the knowledge of the area they serve, market trends, house value, city or county development plans and other things which may impact the real estate consumers. In other words, they provide real value to clients through facts and figures rather than being vague.

2. They are Passionate About Their Work

Successful agents are passionate about what they do. They actually care if their customers are getting the best possible deal and if as an agent they are giving enough value to them. They don’t treat real estate transactions as a one time process. Because of their passion, customers can also see that their representative truly cares about them which makes the entire process a lot easier.

3. They Are Organized

An organized and detail oriented real estate agent is the one that is destined to be successful. This is particularly valid in the competitive market that real estate is. Organized real estate agents provide more value to customers. They are more responsive, respond to clients on time and keep lines of communication open at all times. In a nutshell, being organized helps them deliver a superior real estate experience to clients and because of that they usually get a lot of referral business.

4. They Network

The successful agents are visible, both online and offline. They organize or attend events to network with prospective customers and build a referral network through their personal and professional circle. Knowing their area, target audience and competition helps them. They know their competition in their area, and don’t hesitate to connect with new potential prospects, if this helps in selling the home faster.

5. They Are Persistent

Successful agents diligently follow the action plan that they have set for themselves to get to their destination. This is one of the most important factor that separates them from hundreds of thousands of agents who quit their real estate career within 5 years of starting it. Whether it’s prospecting or following up with customers, they see it through without exceptions. They work an extra mile and stay determined instead of giving up.

6. They Are Enthusiastic

A success oriented real estate agent never fears speaking his mind. They are as enthusiastic about buying a home or selling a house as their customer. They aggressively push to find the ideal home for their client or market one to get best possible deal for their customer through their skillset. By aggressively working to help their customers achieve their goals, the real estate agent delivers exceptional value which will help them get more business in the future through referrals.

7. They Have Unquestionable Integrity of Character

Integrity is an invisible trait which isn’t spoken but observed. Each time you have an interaction with someone; the way in which you answer the questions asked by your customers, fulfill your part of a business transaction, your character is being observed and you are rated. The most successful agents in real estate have unquestionable integrity when it comes to the welfare of their customers.

8. They are Honest

Agents who are not afraid to say what needs to be said and are transparent tend to be most successful. They tend to tell things exactly how they are, even if they’re hardest to quote. Successful real estate agents will give an honest account of everything, whether it’s good or bad to customers which makes them feel valued because this prevents them from facing any nasty surprises in the future like major problems in the house that they just bought. Eventually, they are trusted more because of their forthcoming nature, and therefore referred by more of their customers.

9. They Close Deals

After all the hard work that agents put into prospecting, listing presentations and final negotiation, what matters in the end is their ability to close the deal. Successful agents persevere during the entire process and make the journey as pleasant as possible for both parties. They are good negotiators and can orchestrate win-win outcomes in transactions and earn their commission.

Aforementioned qualities bring success to a real estate professional’s business. Acquiring these qualities will certainly help you in your real estate career to become great, in spite of the difficulties of the sales environment.

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