In this world, every single human being is different from one another. The way we talk, walk, and do things makes us unique. That is an amazing thing. However, in some aspects we are pretty much like sheep, going in the direction where the herd is headed. We say, if everyone is doing something, it must be for a good reason and we jump in blindly. This herd mentality has crippled so many individuals and businesses who decided to follow the flow and failed to bring any change in their domain or their industry.

Real Estate Today Is A Cookie Cutter Industry:

Real Estate today is a cookie-cutter industry. You might not agree with me here, but we see an influx of a large number of new agents only to see them fail time and time again. That is until they eventually quit because they can’t make enough to survive in this industry. Why does this happen? Because they follow the same business model that has been used for decades, it’s similar to using Windows 95 today for your personal computer. Real Estate business models are due for a major update.

Most Agents Fail at Differentiating Their Services:

The value propositions that agents should be providing today just aren’t being provided. Consumers today are sharp, smart and online. They have access to all the information with which an agent can provide. What frustrates the consumer is that they can’t differentiate services offered by one agent from another. It’s like a restaurant offering a menu with just one dish on it, repeated multiple times. The agents who do differentiate themselves either through their skillset or real estate designations, however, are the most successful ones in the industry.

Giving Direction to Your Career Through Unique Selling Points

Real Estate agents, new or old, need to adjust their course and differentiate themselves. It can be on the basis of specialization in a particular niche like condominiums or luxury homes, based on their skills such as negotiating or staging, or just pure selling or buying skills. Real Estate designations are created to give the required edge. You have to communicate what makes you unique in real estate industry. Having a unique selling point gives you more confidence and confidence is the key to success. Here are a few things you can say to your potential client confidently to demonstrate why you are the right agent for their needs and lifestyle:

  • I am a designated specialist in _____________. This is my niche area of focus.
  • I have sold ______ % more houses in _______ area than any other agent because I specialize in _________ (staging, real estate negotiations, selling, etc.)
  • I sell houses _______% faster than my competitors.
  • I sell houses at ______% more value than any other agent in the state/community.

In any industry, competition is healthy because it improves the services and products. Real Estate agents, teams and brokerages need to be more competitive in differentiating their services and business models to deliver more value to their clients. Online Real estate designations are bringing that change through specialization and it’s wonderful. It’s time to break free from the cookie-cutter ideology prevailing in the real estate. It’s time to be different.