When it comes to selling your home there are a number of things that you can do to help make it more valuable. Full remodels, upgrading everything that is not bolted down, and adding extras can all entice buyers to pay more. There are some smaller improvements however that can help push up the value of your home and help you sell for more than you ever thought of possibly getting for your home.

  • Curb Appeal- The first thing you can do is to upgrade or improve your overall curb appeal. Buyers see the outside of the home first and as such it is important that you make the best impression possible. Try power washing or bleaching vinyl siding to make it sparkle, remove any yard debris or dead plants, add some tasteful landscaping, or even add a fresh coat of paint. These are all easy fixes that you can do yourself and help make your home look more expensive. Doing small things to increase your curb appeal can give you plenty of reasons to ask more on resell.
  • Upgrade Appliances- Want a new look in your kitchen or laundry room? Full kitchen remodels can easily get you into the tens of thousands in terms of price and rarely do these large scale remodels bring a full return on investment. Instead, you should try upgrading appliances to get a newer look without you having to fully remodel. Buyers love when a home comes with appliances and when you add shiny new appliances, you have the right to ask for more. Often, when you buy more than one appliance at a retail store you can also save a percentage on your purchase saving you even more money while making your kitchen or laundry room look brand new. This does not mean that you have to buy top of the line appliances but those that are mid range or a little better will make your home look like a million bucks.
  • Choose One Project- If you are looking for a large project that can add a great deal of value to your home, instead of trying to take on every project you have, choose one and do a wonderful job on that. Bathrooms are a great way to bring up value in a home without busting the bank. You can also upgrade flooring through the home to one continuous flooring for a unified, cleaner look. If you catch flooring companies at the right time of year, they generally have some sort of deal or sale that allows you to get several rooms done for a lesser price. Choosing one project is a great way to add some wow factor without having to spend every single dime that you have on renovations and on upgrading your home. Try to shy away from major renovations like tearing out walls and upgrading room configurations as this can be time consuming and can easily get very costly.
  • Paint- Though everyone has their own taste when it comes to paint, a home is going to be far more appealing if it is a neutral color and it has been professionally painted. Professional painters are quick, they offer great deals, and they do a fantastic job and can cover just about any paint job. Though the new buyers will most likely customize their color palette, they are going to be far more likely to be able to envision their own things in your home; if your walls are not canary yellow or blood red. Neutral colors also help make rooms look bigger and make your home look even cleaner and more ready for the sale.
  • Tackle the Small Projects that You Have been Putting Off- We all have a ton of small projects here and there that we have been putting off for fixing. A squeaky hinge here, a falling handle there, that gouge out of the floor in the living room and the list continues. Make a list of all the small fixer upper jobs that you have been meaning to tackle and make it a point to handle them. Taking care of all the small things that might be annoying to buyers can help you get a better asking price and can help your home look even more polished and beautiful than you ever thought would be possible. Also , tackling a few smaller tasks might help you gear up to do something bigger like paint the cabinets in the kitchen or update the kitchen cabinet hardware. There is no limit to the small things that you can do to make a home look and feel more expensive.


No matter what course you decide to take, there are small projects that can make a world of difference in your home and these are not going to require that you sink thousands of dollars in and only get a few hundred back out. Your home is your castle and you should get the price that you deserve for it. These are just a few small upgrades that you can do, the possibilities truly are endless.

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