Real estate is all about making connections. It is crucial for success as real estate agent to always be expanding your network in order to build your channels of communication and reach potential clients. Here are some tips to help you network like a super-agent:

1. Utilizing Your Current Resources For Real Estate Networking:

Don’t overlook or underestimate what the value of your current social network can bring to to your business. Creating new opportunities from pre-existing ones, is the most fundamental of networking skills. Start from your current circle which may include your friends, family and those with whom you engage in your day-to day life. They are your resources which you can utilize in your real estate networking efforts.


2. Real Estate Networking is Time and Place Independent:

Whether you are buying your groceries or going for your morning walk, always be your real estate brand. You should aim to become a part of the local community, let them know what services you can offer and deliver value. When looking to create new contacts and relationships, choose people who can make a real contribution to your business.


3. Listen, Help and Engage:

Listening carefully and asking questions helps to build trust and understanding with clients. Practice your communication skills until you are confident that your message will come across as sincere and unscripted. The first important step in real estate networking is listening. The second step is to follow up and check in with those you have engaged. Be sincere with your intentions of helping if any requests are made. Only then can you engage your target audience.


4. Be Proactive:

Become proactive and initiate conversations with potential contacts. This does not mean you have to get the attention of everyone you encounter and be the life of the party, it simply means be yourself and the rest will fall into place. Make sure you have your business cards at every event and share them liberally. Time yourself in networking, especially when you are attending big events in which you need to interact with as many people as possible in a limited period of time.


5. Be Interesting:

It is always good to have a balance between the how much you talk with the amount the other person is talking. Ask open-ended questions. Being a real estate agent doesn’t mean you need be anything other than your genuine self. Whereas constantly trying to steer the subject towards real estate risks alienating the other person or people in the conversation. The adoption of a natural and interesting manner will help build greater rapport and increase the likelihood of a strong relationship.


6. Walk out quickly from discussions that aren't good matches:

When you find yourself in good conversations with people who could be the right fit, don’t be too quick to leave. A few good conversations with a few good connections can lead to a very successful network. For example, if you are attending an event and you see your fellow real estate agent, don’t spend a lot of time with them. You should be talking to prospects.


7. Follow-Up:

This step is the most crucial one in the whole networking process. People get busy and forget conversations as our memories are limited. If your prospects don’t hear back from you after an event, they will forget you. It’s as simple as that. All that effort you made to engage them would be wasted. Whether it’s a past customer or a new prospect, make sure you follow up on your initial conversation with a phone call, a post card or a newsletter so they remember you. Following up after the first interaction turns a casual contact made at a conference, gathering, or occasion into a potential lasting relationship. As you work to stay in touch, try to build a mutually beneficial relationship. Build relationships for the long term.

Networking can become a powerful tool for you in your prospecting efforts. More contacts and better relationships mean a greater likelihood of generating leads that you can convert into great opportunities for your business. However, it wouldn’t work without honesty, sincerity and value from you. Plan your networking activities for at least a quarter and have a system to support your onsite efforts. Be consistent in your efforts and you will be the James Bond of real estate networking before you know it. Make a promise to yourself to improve your networking skills as a real estate agent and you’ll see that “givers gain” is more than just a saying.

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