Selecting The Right Agent:
Buying your dream home or putting the place where you have lived for years up for sale is a daunting task. It requires the best of analytical thinking, decision making, negotiation and communication skills. Not everyone has the expertise to make a successful transaction a reality. Whether you’re buying or selling, real estate agents can be a lifesaver when it comes to doing the hard work for you. Hiring an agent brings you the benefits of buying/selling at the optimum price, swift deals, and hassle free transactions. Your decision to hire an agent for your property obliges you to Choose the Right Agent. You have to make sure your agent is capable of delivering the desired results and you are not throwing away your fortune by hiring the wrong person. Take your time, learn about your agent’s history and make sure you are compatible enough to get along with each other throughout the process. Asking friends, family and co-workers for referrals can be helpful for finding an agent

Market Knowledge:
First and foremost, an agent should be knowledgeable. An agent should have knowledge about the market. They should be able to tell you about  the available properties in your price range, market conditions, local trends, recent sales in the area you are interested and average number of days on market. Ask the agent to give you an overview of the current market conditions for your price range

Real Estate Designations/Certifications:
Choose an agent who has specialized knowledge. Having an agent who has Real Estate Designation/Certification lends more credibility to the agent. You can be sure you have the Specialist on your side, who knows what to do and how to achieve your goals.

Marketing professional:
Your agent should be really good at planning and executing marketing strategies. They should be able to give you a customized marketing plan as per your needs and requirements. Look into their past performance for the marketing resources they have used like email marketing, branding, promotional marketing campaigns or technology solutions

Communication Skills

Make sure your agent understands your concerns, needs and expectations to achieve your goal. He/she should maintain open and honest communications. Look for the go green signs in your meeting with the agent. Ask yourself if the agent seems to have “got‿ you in the first few minutes. Rest assured you are comfortable while sharing your personal and financial information with them

Personality traits: Finding the ideal agent is more or less the same as finding your ideal mate. You two must have the chemistry in place to get along well.

Passionate and patient: You can tell how passionate an agent is about their job by the energy they pass on to the client. The home buying process is not always a happy go lucky kind of venture. It can be really stressful, frustrating and uncertain at times. Both buyer/seller and agent must be very patient with the phenomenon. Look for an agent who is good at dealing with stress and uncertainty well. Patience is a trait which should be embedded in her personality.

Trustworthy and dedicated: You will have to trust your agent with your finances, make sure they are worthy of it. An agent who takes brokerage as a full time job is more dedicated towards their clients as compared to one who is in this field only part time.

Available: Go for an agent who is not super busy all the time. Agents should have only so many number of clients that they can manage effectively. Having an agent whose working hours (whether fixed or flexible) align with your lifestyle enables you to get things done smoothly. Check it out if they make themselves available to answer any queries you may have

Rapport and Networking: An experienced agent should be able to connect you with past clients for a positive review on their dealings with clients. Pay special attention to his/her expertise, rapport and track record. For an ideal agent you should be able to hear some good reviews on their previous dealings.

Help with Additional services: An agent should have contacts available for you to help with services like mortgage, builders, surveyors, appraisers and so on.

All in all, choose the one who has experience, skills and personality that matches your needs.

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