Around a decade ago, the concept of home staging didn’t even exist. A good scrubbing of the walls and floors and a thorough cleaning of the closet was considered an exemplary model for presentation. However, with the increase in property investment and a consequent boom in the real estate market, the idea of presentation has completely changed. Today, staging a house for sale is a must if you want to attract more buyers and get the best possible price for house. We can also attribute the adoption of home staging in real estate to the digital era we live in. Approximately 94% home buyers start their search online and with the vast amount of information available to them they can assess which houses are worth visiting.

A property with mismatching furniture and furnishing, cracks needing spackling, fading away walls, unpolished floors, dreary lighting, questionable colouring and a lingering smell will surely make potential buyers keep looking for another home. These markers register subliminally in the mind of a potential buyer, which are recalled when making a decision about the property. Instead, the buyer should remember the house for its welcoming warmth, well-lit rooms and corridors, smell of freshness, pleasing color combinations, well-staged furnishing and matching furniture and truly picture themselves and their lives within the walls.

Home Staging Experts are Real Estate Psychologists:

A home staging expert can become the 11th hour Samaritan for a property that has the potential of being sold, but requires professional help in presentation to buyers. More often than not, potential buyers either experience a stimulus overload from trying to understand and decide on whether they should purchase a property. Home staging experts help in curing stimulus overload, by creating an environment that essentially pushes the potential buyers into new homeowners.

It is the dream of every property holder to attract potential buyers who are qualified; and sell off their property as quickly as possible for the price they are looking for.

Attracting Buyers through Home Staging:

A recent study showed that clients who invested in staging their home properly received 350% return on investment when their home was sold. Moreover, home staging also decreased the time the house was in the market by 70%. Therefore, ignoring the benefits of home staging can prevent sellers from acquiring more and better offers. It is estimated that almost 92% of home buyers kick off their search on the internet, which is why it is crucial to target potential buyers by presenting well-staged photos of the property to draw in more potential customers.

“Staged homes with an enhanced visual appeal receive approximately 350% ROI when house is sold‿

Why Become a Home Staging Expert?

So why should a real estate agent become a home staging expert? Real estate is a cut-throat industry and the only way to survive and thrive is by differentiating yourself. By becoming a home staging expert, real estate agents can demonstrate the value of staging to clients by applying different strategies to attract larger number of home buyers and consequently land a better deal.

By sharpening their home staging skills, real estate agents can achieve the following success markers:
• Positioning of clientele’s property to acquire competitive edge over other properties
• Strategically and clinically add an appealing ambiance
• Apply the psychology of colours and subliminal marketing to lure customers
• Analyze and apply staging strategies to yield the best return on investment
• Use cost effective techniques to add more value to clientele’s property
• Making clients understand true value of their property
• Increase the number of referrals and market reach
• Increase sphere of influence
• Find better ways of self-promotion as a home staging specialist
• Learn tricks of the trade in quick-selling and pocketing bigger commissions

The taste and thought process of every homeowner differs from one to another. Explaining the benefits of home staging is an important part of adding value to clients, as the majority are not aware of the full benefits that home staging has to offer. Home staging serves in creating a better opportunities for sellers; as it creates a wider range of potential buyers and increasing the opportunity of a sale.