They say home is where your heart is and I must say kitchen is the heart of your home. Just like your heart pumps blood to the body and keeps you alive, similarly kitchen is the hub supplying food for the continuity of life. We don’t seem to realize but we do spend a lot of time of our lives in that one particular room called Kitchen. Because it’s much more than just any room, it has become the family’s living space where you can hang out and relax. It’s the new living room.

Because of it’s importance, homeowners need to pay special attention to kitchen, especially if you are selling the house. The state of kitchen has a huge impact on the value of house and might also determine if buyers would want to buy the house at all or not. According to some statistics, investing in kitchen remodeling may yield 80-110% ROI. Even if you are not selling the house, improving its ambience definitely plays a huge role making this room more pleasant for yourself and your family. Whatever the reason may be, having someone who specializes in remodeling kitchen would help you save time, money and the headache of taking on this project on your own shoulders.

Renovation for Resale

Renovating/upgrading your kitchen to boost your home’s appeal in the eyes of Realtors and Buyers is something “unavoidable‿ these days. Kitchens are home sellers; sale of a house largely depends on the size, functionality and modernity of its kitchen. The size and style of your kitchen is a reflection of your life style but small utilitarian kitchens are outdated now.

In order to enhance your home’s sale value and to make your kitchen appealing and streamlined you may consider following renovation tips:

  1.   Bring in new appliances, replace the stove
  2.   Paint it fresh
  3.   Change cabinet fronts
  4.   Lay new counter tops
  5.   Install new sink and faucet

Remember if you choose to skip renovating your kitchen before putting it up for sale, your buyer would definitely consider the obligatory renovation cost before making any price offer. Be sure this presumption would lessen the sale price by many times as compared to the actual renovation cost you would have borne.

Renovation for your own good

Gusteau convinced Remy that “anyone can cook‿, and I feel convinced to the notion that anyone can feel tempted to cook given a modernized dynamic kitchen.

Hassles of everyday life may make you take your kitchen’s importance for granted. But this is the place where your day starts with rustling up food before work, a tiring day ends with a peek into kitchen to see what’s cooking for dinner, and where significant time of weekend is spent entertaining guests. In reality kitchens have evolved as more living spaces with more time spent in. They are not just used for cooking but they are now a gathering place as well. For these specific reasons you should consider improving your kitchen to make it more inviting, trendy, comfortable and entertaining for daily use.

Kitchen renovation calls for keeping in view the latest trends. List out the areas which need improvement (e.g. lighting fixtures, adding small decorations, altering cabinets, setting countertops, tiling floor etc.), what needs to replaced (e.g. stove, sink, faucet), what accessories, gadgets and appliances need to be brought in (e.g. cook ware, storage containers, bins, blender, toaster, range, griller, oven etc.) determine whether your kitchen needs to be remodeled (e.g. changing layout, extending by demolishing a wall).

How to track budget

“A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went‿

Dave Ramsey

After having determined the things you want to improve in your kitchen, you have to calculate how much this would cost you. The average cost for kitchen renovation is $15k (for minor remodeling) while for major renovation the average cost may go up to $45k.

The cost you bear for renovation is also subject to your location, cost of services, size of your kitchen and quality chosen. But you can plan and control your renovation cost by setting your priorities, knowing the available options and sticking to the priorities you had set in the beginning. There is always an inexpensive range of options available for all that you feel like adding to improve your kitchen’s look.

You can further bring down the cost by:

  1. Adopting the DIY approach for some of the tasks like demolition and installment. Doing as much work as you can yourself is a great effort at being cost effective.
  2. Opting for relatively cheaper yet trendy alternatives. Remember low cost doesn’t necessarily mean low quality.

Certified kitchen designers are out there, who are specialists in their field to put together a functional and beautiful kitchen. Having a realtor or such specialist can help you manage things efficiently and effectively, they can help you sort out what needs to fixed, what is inevitable and what can be avoided.

It goes without saying that renovating/remodeling adds value to your house. This is an investment which is bound to pay back huge returns but on the other hand I believe there is nothing wrong with spending lavishly on your own house to make your life worth living there! Afterall, your house is your haven on earth.


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