No matter what kind of business you are in, it’s very important that you have quality employees to help your company grow. However, finding the right employees for your real estate brokerage can be challenging and a more difficult task than you think, as people often underestimate the amount of work for success in real estate.

To hire the right person as real estate agent in your brokerage, you need to examine the candidates’ resumes, cover letters and learn more about them as a person. What should you do to make the right choice? These hiring tips will help you weed out the fruitless candidates and pick out the best producing certified real estate agents.

Personality Potential

While possessing the upright skill set is crucial, the fact is, skills can be gained and taught, but the desirable attitude cannot. Analyzing the personality of candidates is a very important factor in hiring new recruits for your brokerage. Social intelligence is the name of having the capacity to deal with social circumstances and working well with others by cooperation. It plays a crucial role in determining how successful that candidate will be in acquiring new business for the brokerage. It is fundamental to test the social skills of the candidate during the interview. For example, if they avoid making eye contact while answering questions, they may not be a suitable hire as a selling agent.

Social Media Review

You will probably investigate what the candidate has posted online as most of the other employers. In case you don’t scrutinize the candidate’s social media, you may lose a chance to discover a large deal about an individual as a person and as an employee.

Always check prospective agent’s profiles on social media, such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The reason being, in what way the person behaves on social media is a good clue of what sort of person the individual is and whether he fits or misfits your brokerage’s culture.

Right Questions at the Right Time

You can’t ask someone directly if they’re problematic or difficult as that might be taken as condescending or even outright offensive. Instead, you can make inquiries which will guide you to draw your own conclusions.

We are now talking about the most important “If” in the hiring process. If you ask a candidate the reason of leaving their last job and they accuse another person or blame other external forces for that, it’s crucial to dig in more through multiple questions. If the blame game continues, you might need to consider another agent.

Some more questions that you may ask are

  • Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?
  • What is the solid reason behind the desire to work for us?
  • Why are you working in real estate?
  • What is your motivation for the morning that drives you to wake up and what routine do you follow?

These WHYs and WHATs can let you know a considerable measure about a candidate’s drive and aspiration, which is essential in guiding you about the person’s way of working, and whether your probable employee will grow with your business or not. If you are interviewing an experienced candidate, you should also ask them about any real estate certifications they have and how many transactions they usually complete in a year. This can be an indicator of their commitment to their real estate career. You need to be specific on their achievements in terms of real estate

Get Interviewed

Don’t be the only one to ask questions. Allowing prospective agents to interview you will help you figure out what’s essential to them. Moreover, it allow potential agents to figure out whether they want to pursue their career at your brokerage or consider it to be a wrong choice and that’s just as important.

Consider Your Other Employees

It is the right of your employees to have a secure and thriving work environment thereby making it your duty. You are obliged to find someone else in case your forthcoming employee gives you any sort of indication that he/she could be violent and quarrelsome.

Employees who have a greed for title, that turn into irrational desires and baseless expectations in the form of extension, bonus and compensation are most likely the ones who take their failure out on others in the form of displeasure and anger. Watch out for such personality types. What you can do further to refine the hiring process is to get your senior employees involved as that will make them feel valuable and you would be able to get their opinion about job candidates.

Don’t be Judgmental

The biggest mistake you’ll make is to mark off candidates on the basis of their looks because all that matters is their capability to work efficiently as a potential buying or selling agent. Think out of the box, think smart when you are making significant hiring decisions. A candidate who don’t meet your enlisted requirements may still be an ideal fit for your real estate business.

Human Error is Possible

You are only human, so even subsequent to tailing each one of these tips, there is still a possibility that you may end up hiring a misfit. But, if you have given your best to solve the problems which aroused because of the new hire and the situation persists, then it’s perfectly okay to let him go. Ultimately, you need an employee who adds to your brokerage’s culture, instead of making it worse. However, if the candidate shows eagerness and is committed to getting better, you can bring out the best in him or her through agent mentor-ship programs or real estate certifications through which they can increase their performance skills as a real estate professional.

If you have hired a wrong person, give things a little time and end the employment well before time, earlier than investing too much to fix the issues. As a real estate business owner, you probably already have a lot on your plate and you don’t want to add handling a challenging employee to your already full list of tasks.

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