The buying process has become digital in the last couple of decades. Today, people are very picky about qualifying products and real estate is no exception to this phenomenon. Homebuyers will scour the multiple listing services (MLS) first to find the properties that they like and only then would they visit the property. Sure, you can upload the pictures you took of your client’s house from your phone to an online platform, but would that change anything? Can the pictures you took compete with the thousands of other homes whose pictures are online? Would your client’s house stand out from all the other houses for sale?

Ideally, you would ask a professional photographer/stager to take the photos with good equipment. However, if you want to do it yourself, then here are a few things you can do to capture some great clicks that mesmerize homebuyers:

1 – Invest in a Decent Camera

The biggest mistake you can make in marketing your listing is taking blurry pictures. The house might have some really great features, but because of the camera quality, you might not capture the details. A mobile camera is nice and may serve you well for snapshots, but it’s the wrong choice for taking pictures of property that you are going to sell. Every agent needs to have a good digital camera. It’s one of the most important tools for marketing a house. If you don’t own a digital camera, buy one with at least 15 mp resolution.

2 – Use Natural Light

You want your pictures to reflect the great staging and showcasing work you’ve done and the features the house offers. To do so, open the curtains and light up the room with natural light as much as possible. Do not rely on camera flash. Flash can create unwanted shadow or reflection in the picture that might ruin the pictures. However, different lights produce different hues so you might want to take a few pictures that capture the glow from lamps or incandescent bulbs as that yellow hue is going to give you pictures a warm, welcoming look.

3 – Shoot It from the Best Angle

The angle from which you capture the picture is yet another important factor. However, there is no hard and fast rule to taking a perfect picture from a perfect angle. What might work for some houses might not work for the rest because of the design. You should experiment with all sorts of angles so you can filter them later and choose the best looking one. Do this until you get it right and never settle for just ok.

4 – Click the Featured Aspects of the House

There are some features of the house which really stand out. These are called “focal points‿. It can be a mirror in the entry area, a great looking armoire, a beautiful winding staircase, a fireplace or a window that offers a spectacular view. These are all the things you want to show potential homebuyers because focal points give a unique personality to the house.

5 – Review and Optimize

Not all pictures are perfect. Or if they were perfect and someone photobombed them, then it becomes necessary to edit them. You might want to review everything that the pictures say about the house and the lifestyle it offers to potential buyers before posting them online. However, this should be done in moderation because if you alter them too much, then that would set wrong expectations with homebuyers.

The Dos and Don’ts‿ Checklist for listing photography

The Do’s

  • Do take picture of the curb. It is usually the picture that convinces a prospect to look further in the house. While taking a picture, make sure that you remove any objects that may distract buyers from the key features or focal points of the house.
  • Do capture an open front door. It will help you set the tone of the house in the prospect’s mind. And at the same time, it will welcome the buyers to have a further look.  It is a simple trick that works well psychologically.
  • Do click the aerial view of the house. You can click it with the help of a drone camera. It helps the prospective buyer to have the exact positioning of the house.
  • Do update the pictures with changing weather. If you are putting up your house on the market in summer, then make sure that your listing photographs are sunny. If it is winter, then take the pictures that give the house a warm and cozy feeling.
  • Do show off the wonderful views from the window. If one or more of your rooms has a good view, capture it.
  • Do take the photos of the house using both natural light as well as glow from incandescent bulbs.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t ignore the angles. Try to keep the shots level. Also, keep in view that the frame is adjusted too.  
  • Don’t click a picture of you in the mirror. Many times people capture themselves as well, in a mirror that is far ahead or back.
  • Don’t capture pets in the pictures. Some people can be allergic to specific pets. Some may not like to keep a pet in the house.
  • Don’t capture an occasional decor. Such as Christmas or any other occasion.
  • Don’t use a high-tech lens that may misrepresent the house. Take photographs with a traditional lens.
  • Don’t include the screenshots from Google Maps or similar sites in your listing photographs.
  • Don’t click the pictures in the absence of light because things can’t be seen properly in dim light.

Well, that’s it. There are incredible agents out in the market, but the difference between good and great is always very minute. It wouldn’t be untrue to say that success truly comes from details in real estate. The pictures that you or your client have taken need to give enough reasons to clients to fall in love with the house or at least show interest.

I hope that these tips helped you in marketing your house. If you have other tips and tricks that work well for you, do drop them in the comment box below.

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