It is not the biggest billboards nor the loudest ads that decide who is the best real estate agent in town. It’s the rapport with clients that matter, and it matters a lot! Nothing can harm a real estate agent’s career more than getting bad reviews from clients or having a marketing campaign with mixed messages. Everyone wants to work with an agent with a clean record who can deliver results. The definition of the ‘best agent’ may differ between clients, but generally it is regarded as the agent who is knowledgeable, has good communication skills, is responsive and delivers the promised results. In short, the best agent is the agent who offers the most value. What’s important is a respectable image, the ability to stand out from the crowd and the work ethics that match the image.

With these factors in mind, here are the top 3 tips to keep in mind when choosing the right real estate agent:

Past Performance and Specialization

Communication with real estate agents should be open and clear. When selecting an agent, don’t hesitate to ask them about their past accomplishments. Ask about the results that they have generated for their clients in past. Reviews and testimonials are, more often than not, on the websites of quality real estate agents. If necessary, ask them for contact information of past clientele to get reviews and recommendations if testimonials are not available. Gain an understanding as to what makes this particular agent stand out from other agents. Is the agent well known in the community? Are they a specialist in a particular niche or have any realtor designations? Keep your eye open as to how much your agent has invested in themselves, as that is an indication of a good agent who is sharpening his or her own skillset to deliver more value to clients. That is what makes an agent invaluable not just to clients, but also to the real estate industry overall.


Confirm Real Estate Licenses

States and countries have different associations that award them with licenses and real estate designations. It is very easy to check with the regulatory associations to confirm the license of the agent. They also hold records for any past misdoings, disciplinary actions or complaints launched against the agent. They are posted on their official website and are easy to access. In today’s digital era, consumers hold an incredible power with all the information accessible to them online. You can harness that power and thoroughly vet the agent before your first meeting. This would help you in narrowing down your agent search and save time.


Pick the Agent with the Appropriate Specialization

Choosing to work with the right agent can be tough. Finding the right mix of qualities in an agent has become the dream- which is really not far from reality. Only a few in the real estate industry truly excel. The common factor in creating success among those that shine is specialization. The accreditation after an agent’s name helps to identify their specialties. For example, If the agent is an expert at flipping homes, then the appropriate home flipping designation will follow the name. They may have completed real estate courses like staging or hold various realtor designations which might help with your unique requirements.


Having the right person to help is essential. Picking an agent well-versed in dealing with a specific niche of the real estate market ensures that the agent is specialized in that certain domain. Whether clients are first time buyers or luxury home sellers, looking for investment properties or home flipping project, a specialist will add the right value to help achieve their goals. Specialists make all the difference.

  • Sarah Smith

    I’m looking to buy a house and need to get some help. Thanks for the advice about finding a realtor that is licensed. Another thing to do is to find a realtor that you get along with.