Real estate agents often use a variety of methods to persuade buyers into considering a listing as their potential new home or investment. The ability to use different staging techniques to quickly sell a client’s home is the differentiating factor between an average seller representative and an outstanding one. Top notch salesman are able to “wow‿ their clients because they understand buyer psychology and know exactly how to approach the target audience in the right way.

Following are 5 key components of staging techniques which can be used to sell a house quickly for a good price:


Staging is more than just adding the right visuals, it’s about highlighting the right features and having the buyer visualize themselves in the space. Your ability to get the right photos to entice buyers will contribute greatly in regards to the sale of the house. Simple tactics such as using a wide angled camera lense, which subtly enhances the photos, make all the difference. The photos you take of the home will be the first line of strategy to attract more buyers to walk through the doors of your clients’ home. These pictures will be online and in print, so you want to make sure that you provide enough of the right photos to get potential buyers in front of you. Remember, you don’t want to give it all away, choose about 5-9 photos, just enough to entice.

The Half-full Feel: Decluttering

Having good storage space is the dream of every buyer. They can never have enough of it. Expect them to inspect every inch of the home when they come for a visit. Moreover, they will want the storage to be accessible, clean and roomy. Staging a house for sale properly before listing it for sale in the market in order to make the right positive impression on potential buyers. Fill up the closets and even cupboards with a few items of daily usage, ensuring they are organized and even color of clothing coordinated. It’s a subtle, yet important psychological effect you are creating for buyers. Moreover, the buyers will get excited about snooping in the closets and cupboards to see how well-maintained they were by the previous owner.


It is important to take the home out of the house when you put it on the market. De-personalization is when intimate belongings and memorabilia are removed from the home. Studies have shown that a potential buyer is less likely to be interested in a home that emits the feeling of being lived in. Therefore, remove all family photos, memorabilia and personal items. Seeing the personal items of the sellers blocks the buyer’s ability to see their own personal life in the house as they are focusing on the life of others. A few pieces of décor won’t hurt, but as long as they add more beauty to the furnishings or highlight some of the best features of each room. This is the main goal, to draw attention to the best part of the home and create a harmonic flow between rooms.. It is advisable to acquire the services of a professional real estate home staging expert if you are not certified as a residential staging specialist, to maximize the potential of attracting buyers, as the effects of staging do yield a better result in the price and number of days on the market. Staging doesn’t necessarily incur cost; it’s actually a great investment to bring a higher rate of return.

The most important Room

The most important room in the house without a doubt is the kitchen. Many would say you are not selling the house, but in fact selling the kitchen. Henceforth, re-modelling or re-furnishing the kitchen won’t be a bad idea at all. Special attention is required when staging the kitchen, as subtle changes can make a large difference. The kitchen also plays a large role in regards to the price of the home. Choosing to invest in renovations or remodeling the kitchen, if done strategically, can pave the way for an opportunity to list the home for a higher price, netting the seller with a larger profit. What’s important is to keep convenience and ambiance as primary reasons to renovate the kitchen. Choosing to renovate or remodel the kitchen is a decision that the sellers must be in agreement with, as several considerations such as timing, price of the renovations, and any inconveniences cost must be well worth the net outcome.

Light it up

Good lighting not only has the potential to change the feel of the room but also change its visual appearance. For instance, a bright room will look warmer and a strategically lit room will look more spacious. Good lighting is something every homeowner looks for, but perfecting lighting is easier said than done. Agents, especially ones with real estate designations, can really help clients get the best possible deal by giving good advice on staging a house for sale. Natural light is something that is commonly sought after, however, in cases of the evening, or if there is not enough lighting, how well lit the home is will quickly become noticeable. This is especially true for areas such as hallways, kitchens and the washrooms.

It is essential to live by the phrase ‘first impressions are last impressions’. Buyers will be quick to judge and since they generally subliminally have other options running in the back of their minds, it would be best to utilize the best time of their attention span to show impactful and impressive features of the house. It generally takes someone approximately 7 seconds to make a judgement about something, so you want to ensure that the first impression that you make by de-cluttering, de-personalizing, highlighting the best features and creating a well lit environment are all small actions which have a large impact on buyers.