If you didn’t ever consider using email campaigns for lead nurturing then you need to consider it now, and there is a good reason for that. In your daily routine you can somewhat connect with one or two people who can become your future clients. They could be your friends, friends of your friends, the manager at your most loved cafe, and even your neighbor who has likely had a casual chit-chat with you about real estate, despite the fact that they are not prepared to purchase or offer right then. How are you catering to these contacts? The first step would be importing them into your CRM but most crucially in real estate, prospecting is the follow up. Not following up on these trivial details could make you lose on possible offers or sales, which is why you ought to create a real estate lead nurturing program. The result of a simple real estate drip campaign can be exceptional!

Lead Nurturing and Real Estate

Lead nurturing is the process of marketing when the client is not quite ready to buy, sell or invest in property. In terms of real estate, your “lead” could be anyone with whom you interact with directly or indirectly. It can be someone from your family, friends or their friends. It can be someone you talk to while running or while you are buying your groceries. Even if someone is not interested in selling their home or buying a new house right then and there, they might in the future. Plus, most people are interested in knowing how the real estate market is going so they can plan accordingly. What’s important is that they remember you when they are ready to buy or sell their next house.


Common components of a lead nurturing plan include direct mail, newsletters, CMAs, free appraisals, brochures, phone calls, door-knocking to name a few. The nurturing of a lead can be done in plenty of ways by a certified real estate agent: calls, meetings and brochures are all common ways of a lead nurturing plan. However, email marketing can be an invaluable medium for you to stay in touch with your leads and nurture them. Why? Because it’s one of the most cost efficient ways you can connect with your prospects through which you can get an immediate response. The other great thing about email marketing is that you can actually measure the ROI through opens, clicks and conversions which you can’t do for most offline marketing methods.

“Real estate agents that surpass at lead nurturing produce 50% more leads that are ready to buy at 33% lower cost.‿


How to Use Email Marketing for Leads

Email Nurturing is the most productive way to approach any sort of leads. Sending a nurture email, or by using a discretionary real estate newsletter, you as an agent can impact your potential clients and make up their mind for either buying or selling a home. Let’s say you talk to 100 prospects and because only 10% exhibit the interest you hope for, you ignore the rest of them. We all prioritize, but ignoring other leads means that you are not doing everything you can to stay on top of their minds. Those very leads might have more potential, but need more effort to convert. Through a simple weekly or monthly newsletter, you can nurture not only the hot leads that you have in your CRM but also these cold ones.

Your subject line matters a lot in determining whether your email will be opened or deleted right away. Making it interesting will help you get more viewers to your emails. Also, most email service providers give you the option to personalize your messages which helps a lot in engaging the reader. Bullet points help highlight and organize your key points, therefore using them in your messages is the best choice. It’s proven that even the goldfish has more attention span than humans these days.  Nowadays, the attention span of humans has been surprisingly reduced to 8 seconds. So, grab the attention of your readers by drawing their eye right to your imperative points. Build up yourself as a master in your business and stand out. Also, enhance your email content for other devices such as mobiles, tablets e.t.c as well as for leading email clients. Lastly, make sure that your CRM is synced with the email marketing platform that you are using as that can help you a lot in automatically including new leads into drip email campaigns.

“Companies that systematize lead management see a 10% or even more increase in revenue in 6-9 months.‿

Gartner Research

In your email marketing campaigns, you can utilize articles and market updates that you feel will be useful for your prospects. It can be a 6-month analysis of the house prices in a certain area where you prospect or you can mention the just listed or just sold properties to build credibility with your prospects. You can also send them tips that you think will help them. For example, home staging tips that help position you as home staging expert. Everyone is curious about the price that their house will fetch if put on sale. Offering free house appraisals along with prices of just sold houses is a good tactic that real estate agents can use. If you write blogs, you can share them with your lists after publishing them on your website. A newsletter is another way to provide a variety of content to your subscriber list. The most important thing, however, is providing real estate information through your email campaigns.

What Not to Do

First things first, abstain from sharing insights and hard facts in a dry, non-intriguing way. People like to receive marketing emails that are sent by real people, so show your character and connect like you care. Good lead nurturing campaigns are much more than talking just about houses. They involve developing a healthy relationship with your prospects by discussing and sharing useful tips, ideas, and stories. This way they will entrust you for their work and you will keep on generating more leads along the way. Additionally, provide your readers with the valuable content and illustrate how to modernize a bathroom, or give them tips for moving into a smaller space according to their needs.

“Nurtured leads buy 47% more times than non-nurtured leads‿

The Annuitas Group

The salient point of all that’s said is, nurturing the real estate leads appropriately and thoroughly by an email marketing plan doesn’t only make you their representative but also help you gain from referrals. In short, email-based lead nurturing is advantageous to both the clients and the real estate sales agents.

Some Good Email Marketing Platforms

The following are some good email marketing platforms that you can use for your email nurture campaigns.

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