Millennials, the individuals who were born between 1980 and 2000, comprise of the massive number of home buyers in the U.S today. They grew up playing with technology and has seen it maturing with them. Technological advances transform the way they live, work and play. Therefore, they anticipate and hope to discover all that they are searching for online, home buying is no exception. Their online research goes a long way past than simple photo viewing and learning the square footage. Even before personally going to see a house, they are curious on everything about the home and the neighborhood, specifically in terms of statistics.

It’s no more surprising that millennials find videos helpful and more convenient while carrying out research on a service or a product, and prefer using YouTube for it. Gen Y, the demographic cohort following Generation X, are voracious viewers of videos. Creating videos has never been that easier but it’s a piece of cake now through the technology and user friendly softwares and you no more require hiring a costly production team.

Following are few simple tips which you can use to incorporate videos in your marketing strategy

1. More Than Just Visiting Property

Using video as your real estate strategy can bring a lot to your business. So, create videos on property tours or some virtual tours will do. This is an effective way to share the look and feel of a property listing with your  prospective home buyers. Video tours are significantly more impactful compared to just uploaded images of property on a MLS. Staging a house for sale before filming the video is crucial as that will further highlight the plus points of a house. Besides virtual tours of your listings, different sorts of video content is available  that can aid you to market your business and engage home buyers even further. An example of this would include neighborhood tours, which can add real value to your marketing video. Such tours can include the amenities, nearby schools, major routes or highways nearby and overall how great a neighborhood is to live in. All of this information presented in a visual format helps the potential buyers to reach out to you for an actual tour of the house.

2. Social Media Engagement

Video is the multimedia that has begun to outshine other forms of content and proven to be the best approach to draw in individuals on social media. Native Facebook videos (It is termed as a video which is uploaded directly on Facebook as a raw file instead of posting a video as a link from an external site such as YouTube) are more reachable compared to other sort of posts, including snapshots, links and other updates. Using video as your media is the best way to improve your social media presence.

Engagement is the most vital part of social media campaigns, so keep that in mind while developing your content for video. Clear up your mind on the goals you want to achieve through your social media and provide value to your target audience by developing content that is worth sharing, including relevant hashtags and tagging relevant pages. The video you create is a reflection of your personality so make sure that it’s at it’s best. Addressing your followers directly, will give them a feeling of association. The more you do it, the more they will connect with you thereby making them to have a urge of working with you in the future.

Real Estate Marketing Videos

When posting a video on a social media site; remember that social media isn’t just about broadcasting your content, it’s about engaging an audience. For example, create share-worthy content and include relevant hashtags and tag relevant pages. Let your personality shine through in your videos. The more your followers feel like you are addressing them directly, the more they will connect with you, and the more inclined they’ll be to work with you in the future.

3. Walk in Your Audience Shoes

You’re an expert in properties and clients too, of course. Bring these statistics to your listings and videos by adding related details that are useful for the buyers. You’ll be able to do that only when you understand your target audience, only when you keep your audience in mind before creating and developing videos. Doing this and adding a pinch of your expertise in your videos will give you unimaginably great results. For example, to sell a home that comprises of four bedrooms, in addition to the master bedroom you should emphasize more on the room that is designed for the family and children’s rooms, because your target audience will most likely be a family.

4. Always Include a Call to Action

To keep your target audience attentive it’s always best that you include a message at the end of your video which will encourage viewers to take the action you are promoting.  Let’s say you ask them to contact you about the relevant property, or to use the virtual tours of your property listings, or to click on a link that takes them back to your website where they can discover additional information about the property. It’s a good idea to provide them with a way to contact you as well either through email, phone or both.

Using these trivial but considerable tips and tricks, you can integrate videos into your marketing strategy to capture the attention of homebuyers who want prompt and easy information. Remember, their attention span is short so be precise and interesting about the message you want to convey.

5. Networking

You have to be seen in order to get known by a customer and events are one of the best networking mediums available to you. Attend at least 2-3 events in a month to help you in your prospecting efforts. You should perspire real estate and actually say something helpful to attract people to you as a Buyer Specialist. Support your conversations with facts and figures. Take aid of networking events, online directories, and your previous networks in order to expand your network. There is not a better place for exchanging referrals than your network . This is the best approach to expand your business and in addition building you up significantly even more as a Buyer Specialist in the market.

Buyer Representation is constantly modifying and molding real estate, pitched by knowledgeable home buyers, legislative action, and consumer watchdog groups. So, to outshine as a  buyer representative the rule of the thumb should be delivering exceptional value through your knowledge and prospecting so you are remembered when someone is looking to buy a house.

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