Being a real estate professional suggests that you are almost always exposed to security risks. You meet new clients, show properties, hold open houses, escort strangers in your private car, and surprisingly your marketing when done in a wrong manner, may threaten your personal security – you just might not realize it. These small, regular tasks look safe, however some real estate professionals have learned through bad experiences that such situations can open you to threat.

Below are some simple tips and precautions that you can adopt to minimize the security risks associated with your real estate profession.

Inspect the Outdoor Premises:

Check the premises before entering the house and ensure that everything is as it should be and nothing is suspicious.  If you suspect anything untoward, call the police immediately.

Use the Network:

Inform your colleagues, family, or friends about your location, the person accompanying you and the expected time of return, before leaving.

Utilize the Daylight:

Going to houses around evening makes it more dangerous. Try your best to make appointments amid daylight in the office working hours only.

Meet at the Workplace First:

Request to meet a new client at your place of business before visiting any properties with them to have a better knowledge of them as a person and collect their personal information for your records.

Inquire for Identification:

Don’t hesitate to ask for a piece of identification from a new client. It is now common place to have identification checks in our everyday lives, and asking for ID will not dissuade people from doing business with you.

Introduce to a Colleague:

On meeting a new client at your workplace, acquaint them with at least one colleague of yours for criminals won’t like being discovered by others.

Avoid Going Into Confined Places:

Refrain from going into basements and garrets for being trapped is way too easier that way. Try to stay nearby the entrance and leave doors open so you can escape quickly if needed.

Familiarize Yourself with neighbors:

Tell them you’ll be demonstrating the home, making them aware of your presence.

Stash your Valuables:

Be careful and don’t leave your valuables unattended. Ensure to keep them in your car dicky to avoid any mishaps. Nonetheless, keep your mobile turned on 24/7 for emergency purposes. Additionally, advise your clients to set aside their valuables for safety purposes.

Secure your Personal Information:

When marketing, use your mobile and workplace address making it nearly impossible to get followed on your residential address. Don’t use your residential address or mobile number. There are several other ways to connect with your clients and to build a relationship without revealing your personal information because that has nothing to do with your work.

Drive Independently:

It is preferable to drive alone in case you have only one car available.

Pay attention to Parking:

Ensure your car don’t get blocked in and you find a perfect parking spot from where you don’t get stuck and it is easier to leave rapidly. If possible, always try to park your car on the street or a ledge. It will be simpler to get away, if necessary, then backing out of a roadway.

Security is the amount of protection you have. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry. Make sure to take the precautions which can help save your life if an unfortunate event occurs.

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