It is the job of a real estate agent to use all the tricks of the trade to get their clients the best possible deal. Unfortunately, real estate services have deteriorated drastically due to an exponential increase in real estate agents, outdated business models and an overall complacent environment. This makes it very tough for real estate consumers in finding the right agent for their requirements who can actually deliver results.

Buyers and sellers are eagerly looking for good real estate agents and agents in business. But what are the defining traits of a good real estate agent? Let’s discuss a few important attributes client’s observe and mentally scrutinize before laying judgement on whether to go forward with the a particular agent’s services.

Communication skills:

Buying, selling or investing in real estate can be pretty stressful if the representative doesn’t have great communication skills. It’s very important for agents to constantly stay in touch with their customers and keep them up-to-date with the progress. It is the most important factor that customers look for in an ideal agent because they need a guide who can explain everything to them and provide solutions.

Online Presence:

Nowadays, having an online presence is crucial for real estate agents. There is a high probability that even before you meet a potential client, they might have thoroughly researched you. If you don’t have a personal website, social presence, current listings and testimonials from past clients, the chances of your getting selected as representative are pretty slim. Millennials having grown up with the internet expect real estate professionals to be tech savvy. A recent survey showed that 94% of home buyers start their search for their new home on the internet and have already reviewed and made up their decision before actually visiting the site. Therefore, it is highly advisable that agents have a strong presence on the internet, where they display their portfolio and listings in the most user-friendly and appealing fashion possible.

Past Results:

Trust is of paramount importance in real estate. Clients need to know if they can truly rely on an agent to do what is required. Holding a good reputation is essential to being a successful agent. Therefore, what an agent must ask is not how to become a agent, but how to acquire a good reputation as an agent. Regardless of how many listings you have contacted or had business with, it is important to maintain a good image in the market. Word of mouth, reviews and recommendations is the primary source of referrals in the real estate world. Similarly, it is also the easiest way to seal the deal. Real estate agents should always have a list of referrals ready in case the client asks for past clients or references from the agent. Real estate agents should exercise publicity, but subtly. Overdoing it will create a negative impact.


Different customers have different requirements. They might be interested in purchasing luxury residence, selling a condo, having someone manage income properties for them, purchasing a house for the first time, or buying a vacation home. To get the maximum benefit from their investment, they want to work with an agent whose skill set is well suited to the task, someone who is a specialist in that field. As a specialist, the agent can deliver more value to the customer through their knowledge and experience in that particular area.


The general population is much more educated in terms of property and real estate today, than ever before. Therefore, when a client approaches an agent, the client doesn’t want the agent to beat around the bush, but to present them with a clear picture of the properties in the market and their prices. However, providing value doesn’t stop with providing pictures and prices, but also going above and beyond. This also includes demonstrating your value, getting to you know your clients’ wants and needs, as well as focusing on helping them choose a lifestyle and not just a home. Knowledge about neighborhoods, schools, their work, how far their family lives, upcoming business or city plans are all factors that add value to the client to help them make a decision that is right for them. Value is a theme that will never go away, and everything that you do should reflect the tremendous amount of value that you offer. Real estate agents should always keep their listings updated.

There are many other qualities of a real estate agent as well, but at the heart are qualities like good presentation, effective communication and of course, value. These are the traits that will turn a client into a loyal customer.